Mumpreneur’s testimonial: how Cecilia Crossley managed to set up & run a successful social enterprise

Some people just can’t help to help others from the heart. And here is the amazing testimonial of Cecilia Crossley who managed to set up and run a successful social enterprise helping vulnerable mums and babies.

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What inspired you to set up from babies with love?

My son Isaac was born just before Christmas time. Watching the big charity Christmas appeals, with Isaac in my arms, I felt a new level of emotion and determined to do something. Becoming a parent fuelled my belief that every baby should have a fair start in life, no matter where they are born.

Out shopping for Isaac’s clothes I thought: if I could buy a beautiful baby grow, and know the profit helps a baby in need, why would I buy anywhere else? The answer is I wouldn’t!

What makes from babies with love unique?

from babies with love is the first baby clothes brand to donate 100% profits to charity. We sell stylish organic baby clothes, including baby grows, dresses, dungarees and accessories. Instead of profits going to shareholders, 100% goes to orphaned and abandoned children. Our profit supports them to live in new family homes in children’s villages run by our partner charity SOS Children. There they grow up safely, loved by their SOS mother, brothers and sisters, and go to nursery school.

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When shopping at you enjoy your beautiful organic baby clothes and enjoy knowing you’re helping vulnerable babies. Style with substance and smiles all round!

from babies with love is celebrating its first year, what has it achieved so far?

After just one year we’re already using our profits to support six babies across Africa and in India and Brazil, including baby Mariama in The Gambia.

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Rewind the clock 2 years: Mariama was a newborn baby whose mother had sadly passed away and whose family was not in a position to look after her. She was born in The Gambia – one of the poorest countries in the world. Mariama was given a new start in life when she was taken in by an SOS Children’s Village. Fast forward to the present day: Mariama, now a gorgeous little girl, is looked after by her new family, growing up in a caring and happy home.

from babies with love is a Social Enterprise – what does that mean?

Social enterprises exist to benefit society and reinvest their profits in their social or environment purpose. The sector is growing and interestingly for mums in business, social enterprises are more likely to be led by women.

from babies with love is accredited by the Social Enterprise Mark, which means it has proved it is genuine against independent criteria for social enterprise.

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How does running a business fit around family life?

Initially, to fit the business around family life I reduced hours at my job to 4 days a week. I used my remaining time to run the business, with help from wonderful volunteers. After a successful first year, I’m now leaving my other job to focus solely on from babies with love. One job should make enjoying work and family life a little easier!

What plans have you got for the future?

My gorgeous son has great opportunities in life, which I look forward to nurturing. And by growing the business, I hope from babies with love means hundreds of other babies will too.

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