Mumpreneur’s testimonial: Charlotte Pearl from Pink Lining

Here is a great mumpreneur’s testimonial: Charlotte Pearl founder of those gorgeous and colourful bags you see yummy mummies going around town with, Pink Lining.

1. How do you juggle family life with running the business?

Juggle is the operative word but fortunately the industry I am in is all about and inspired by family life, and to a certain extent being a husband and wife team means Pink Lining is a part of our family life. I involve the children whenever possible as much as they like to be or at least make them feel they are part of the team! My daughter loves coming up with ideas for new fabric designs and often sits down with me when I am designing at home – that being said it is extremely important that when I am with the children doing homework or teatime, school runs etc.

I dedicate myself to them and they are always my priority. It is very difficult as running your own business means you always have to be on call if the business needs you but I can work my hours whenever possible around the children which means I often end up working late at night too!

2. Why do you think Pink Lining is so successful?

It’s kind of you to say so but we are really still learning all the time and trying to improve. We try to make it about what’s on the inside that counts – hence the Pink Lining and that’s what we think being a Yummy Mummy is about – being a nice person and the best mother you can. Hopefully we have a strong brand identity and we are getting known for our distinctive prints. Also I know as a mother of 3 young what mothers require from a practical point of view and combine it with my own design ethos.

3. In which countries does Pink Lining have more appeal and why?

We started in Fashion ten years ago and sold into the States, France and Japan but realised when we moved into the Mother and Baby Industry that we needed to focus on becoming a market leader in the UK first. At the moment we have a great business in Germany and are starting to move into numerous other countries which is exciting. I think you have to realise that each market is different and as a business we need to find partners that ‘get’ the brand and then as a designer you have to listen to people that know and work accordingly.

4. What were your favourite bags/toys to play with when young?

I loved playing outside in the garden and looking for treasure and fairies with my siblings- most of the time we played together outside and climbed trees or making things in the kitchen- painting and gluing- making puppet theatres from cardboard boxes and wooden spoons! but I also loved collecting china dolls, my teddy bear Christopher and an old rocking lion (instead of a rocking horse!).

5. What’s the biggest challenge for a woman being the head of a business?

I’d have to say the biggest challenge for me is ensuring that I’m the best Mother I can be whilst juggling the exciting growth of our company.

6. What’s your most important recommendation to women who have a business idea but who don’t dare starting in this tough economic climate?

I would say that doing as much research as possible before launching your new venture is important so as to try and minimise the surprises for the future and make sure you are passionate about what you want to do- as you will need that to spur you on when times are tough.

7. My advice to any aspiring entrepreneur would be …..

To enjoy every little triumph you have along the path – things are generally tough enough so it’s important to take a step back and give yourself a pat on the back.

8. What’s your biggest regret in life/anything you would change in life if you could?

I would hate to regret anything as it would mean that you could be in a different place in the here and now.

9. What are your guilty pleasures?

Dark chocolate!

10. Where in London do you like shopping?

I love portobello market as we live very nearby- I thought I would hate Westfield but its actually very convenient but I still prefer an old fashioned high streets.

11. What’s next for Pink Lining?

Exciting brand extension with new products in the pipeline and new international expansion.

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