Looking for a job in London

Looking for part time work is always a daunting aspect. In general, the thought of finding work is scary, particularly within the current economic climate. Being the largest city (and capital of our country) London is a great place to start. With plenty of jobs around, there are more options for working mums than ever.

Mum and Child

Workingmums is really great for mums needing a little help and guidance. One of their main focuses is to give mums a chance to meet and talk to other working mums about the challenges they face when raising their children (no matter how old they are,) whilst looking for work (or already in work.) In London it can sometimes feel like you’re alone despite being surrounded by millions of people, and when trying to find work you can feel even more isolated. With the option available to share stories and e-meet other working mums, or mums looking for work, you get the opportunity to share your worries on finding a job.

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It can make you feel more positive when spending time looking for your ideal job as people you meet can also give hints and tips on where they looked, who they know and how they went about it.

With plenty to offer this website is a great place for mums, dads and job seekers too. Part time work can be just as easy to come by now as full time.

As a mum working part time makes it a little easier to get the work life/home life balance, making you feel as though you get a sense of your individuality back whilst also being the best mum you can be. There are many job sectors around, so make sure you explore all of them and see where your skills may be applied, you might come across a position you would be perfect for but never thought of doing before! With part time and flexi time options available, being a working mum has never been so easy!

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