London mum Penny Davenport launches kitchen worktop masterclasses; talk about work & life around your kitchen table

Career coach and mentor Penny Davenport has launched a bespoke service bringing her training skills to your kitchen table for you and our friends this autumn.

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Are you looking for a different direction in life? Have your children started school and you want to get back to work, or are you returning to the world of work after maternity leave?

Penny can discuss these challenges, in a constructive and relaxed environment, with you and your friends.

Her bespoke workshops are designed to help mothers find the right structure for life and family, whilst giving them a sense of purpose and ability to achieve personal, and career, goals.

“This is a crucial time of year for change” says Penny, “especially for new mums who are stepping back into work after maternity leave or who are bored and want a new challenge in life. My new group workshops are designed so that women can feel comfortable about sharing their thoughts and ideas with people who share the same challenges, whilst benefiting from my professional expertise. I can help them take that tricky step towards finding a sense of purpose in their lives again.”

Penny’s kitchen table workshops are priced at £264 for 4 people inclusive of materials and personalized personality study and are available to book weekday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30.

The session covers:

o How to establish a solid framework for setting a direction for your
life or career

o Setting effective goals and clearing the barriers to achieving them.

o Common mistakes people make when setting goals.

o Personalised communication / work-style analysis to facilitate more

effective goal setting and individual development (Extended DISC

o Individual Action Plans

Additional guests are welcome for a flat-rate of £66 per person. Fees are payable at the time of booking.

To book contact Penny on 07990 052 4202 or email

Islington resident Penny Davenport is a successful business coach and personal career mentor. Having specialised in Financial Services for 18 years, Penny has recently directed her enthusiasm and leadership experience towards working with men and women of all ages to help them set and achieve their career goals through a 5-step coaching programme.

When Penny isn’t working with clients or developing her coaching expertise, she looks after her two young boys who have a very active school and social life. The family’s life revolves around football during the season, either at Emirates or on windy pitches. She enjoys eating far more than cooking but would like to think that her repertoire is developing.

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