London Mums’ fab coffee mornings – the Italian way

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th December 2014, London Mums teamed up with illycaffè to host two coffee tasting and training days for its new brand ambassadors.

We had a fantastic day, starting off in illy’s Regent Street café where we had a delicious Italian lunch, and then moving on to illy’s Islington University of Coffee where we learnt to tell our cappuccinos from our lattes!

illy coffee mornings 5

At the end of the day, our newly trained mums all celebrated with a cocktail while they decided which illy coffee machine they wanted to take home.

illy coffee mornings 4


If you would like to become an illy Ambassador, earning 10% commission from selling illy products on, we are going to be holding more sessions in January (there are no sales targets!).


Find out more about the opportunity here:

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Please send us your coffee morning pictures and post them using one of the social media platform linked to our site, either Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest.

You can use the hashtags #EspressoCrazy  and #illybrandambassadors to share your images and thoughts.

We would like you to interact with other mums and exchange ideas for coffee mornings. You can also use the espressocrazy Facebook and Twitter feeds to send us your pictures.

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