How to run a remote business: A guide for mums

Since 2020, the world of business has shifted and is now more flexible than it ever has been before.

This has opened the door for people who may have never had the time to run a business to do just that without the hassle of commuting or spending hours stuck in an office. In particular, the rise in mums running remote businesses has taken the world by storm, with more women who have children now operating successful companies from the comfort of their homes. 

So, if you are a mum who wants to get your remote business running, here are some tips to help you get started!


Photo Credit: Marek Levak

Set Up a Virtual Office

When you begin working with clients, you may need to think about having a physical address that they can send invoices or payments to. Many business owners aren’t happy to give out their home addresses and so, it can be worth setting up a virtual office. 


This will allow you to have a physical location for your business mail, without paying enormous overheads. There are many websites that you can use to set up your virtual office, such as


Make Sure You Have The Essential Equipment

This is where the true expense of things will come into play!


If you are operating as a freelance photographer, you will need to make sure that you have all of the right equipment to not only get the best shots, but to also impress your clients and get them coming back to your business time and time again. It can be worth checking online exactly what you need to set up successfully, and making sure that you have the funds before you advertise!


Make Sure You Stay Connected

A common concern that many remote workers have is that they are not going out as much as their counterparts who may work in offices. If you are an introvert, that’s no big deal, but if you are more extroverted, it is important to make sure you have time to decompress. Stay in touch with friends and meet them as often as you can. A great part of remote work is that your schedule is more flexible, and, as such, it can be easier to change and rearrange as needed. So, don’t hide away and work; stay connected with the real world!


To Market or Not to Market?

Word of mouth will only get you so far. As such, you need to have a plan in place to help you reach clients or others who may want your services.


So, it is worth setting up a social media page, having a website designed and even investing in a logo for your business. This can, of course, all be very time-consuming, especially for a new business owner. It may be worth looking into marketing companies to oversee this, as they will help you get the exposure you want, without you needing to worry about spending hours making posts on Facebook or Instagram!


Good luck with your new remote business, and fingers crossed that it will be a success!

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