How to measure SEO results over time (and how to get them)

One of the first things most clients ask me when we talk about their SEO projects is: “How long will it take?

I can totally understand: I’m a small business owner myself, and the last thing I’d ever want is to invest money or hours and then hear something like: “Mm, it’s not working”. That would be such a disappointment!

So, today, based on my 7-years experience as an SEO Specialist, I’d like to share with you some nuggets of information about time & results, from an SEO perspective.

  1. When you first start SEO, in the first 3 months you should see more impressions. Google Search Console is a free tool every website owner should become familiar with (check some free Search Console tutorials here). On Search Console, you should look at Search Analytics. You will see how many impressions you’re getting. As the first 3 months pass by, your impressions should be going up. If it doesn’t happen, something probably hasn’t been done the right way or you’re in a very competitive space.
  2. Within 6 months for sure, in your Google Analytics (check Free Google Analytics tutorials here if you like), you should see in the “Acquisition”, organic traffic (even if it’s not a lot) coming from keywords which are not just your brand name (which you already may have been getting).
  3. Within a year, you’re going to see the full result of your SEO growth. By then you’ve built up your authority and trust in Google and you just start ranking for almost anything.

But… there’s always a but, isn’t there?

If you’re not building links, and you’re not writing a lot of content, and you’re not getting social signals to your site, it can take so much longer to get rankings, even if you’ve optimised your code to make it as SEO friendly as possible.

To get results within the above-mentioned timeframes, I truly recommend you publish at least one blog post a week, get at least 5-10 good links a month to your website from external, high-quality websites, and you need to be promoting your content each and every single week on any of your social profiles, getting the best possible engagement.

If you do that, you’ll get results and many new relevant business opportunities coming from your website within the first year.

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