How To Make Your Career Work Around You

Ever get frustrated juggling funds to pay for childcare? Or even managing work schedules around school holidays and sports days?
If so, consider working from home, making a legitimate living online, to make these problems disappear! Great tips provided by Fiona and Greg Scott for mums wanting to work flexibly around the family.

Most people don’t realise the internet provides the greatest opportunity to create wealth while working where you want and when you want i.e. managing tasks around your family’s timetable. The time is now to leverage the biggest market in the world, that’s open 24/7, with no barriers to entry, and is big enough for everyone!

A common misconception people have is that they need to be really clever and techie to work online. Not true! If you can copy and paste and can search YouTube or Google for solutions, then you’ve already got the skills you need to get started.

Yes, of course there’ll be stuff you’ll have to learn, as with any new role, but there are thousands of people prepared to teach you what you need to know.

Plus, there’ll be technical stuff that you won’t want to do, so be prepared to outsource it to someone who does. Outsourcing small repetitive tasks, or entire projects, to capable people around the globe is a cheap, sensible approach to doing business online.

Alternatively, involve your family in your business by incentivising them to help with repetitive tasks, or help manage your social media activity – encourage them to be entrepreneurial too.

You’re probably thinking. “How can I make a legitimate income online? I haven’t got anything to sell!”

Here’s some ideas for starters, which will hopefully spark new ideas:

• Use your existing knowledge to provide online advice to paying customers, because no one else in the world knows exactly what you know. This could be related to your existing career, or it could be advice on pregnancy, parenting, schools, or community. Use free services like,, or

• Sell other people’s digital products for commissions of 50% to even 100% – known as affiliate marketing. Look at big affiliate marketplaces like,, and to see what you can sell. You’ll have to learn how to get traffic to your offer, but there are many low cost traffic courses on

• Corporate entities are crying out for help with social media as they’ve got an incorrect belief that Facebook and Twitter is just personal! Print some simple flyers to drop off at small businesses in your area

• Offer to type transcripts for authors. Or a thesis for academics and post grads. Again register on,, or, or advertise at local universities or in local shops and message boards

• Go to,, and see what services other people are offering, and do the same

• Search for other solutions online. Think outside the box

These suggestions are very real and are easy to do! However you do need to have the right attitude, focus and commitment – just like being a Mum really!

Why not join the army of tens of thousands of savvy, practical Mums who work from their laptop around their family’s timetable?


Fiona Scott, author of ‘Living the laptop lifestyle‘ (£13.99 Ecademy Press), made the change from high-flying executive to running her own business with her husband. She believes that with the right mindset, anyone can make the change and live the life they want.

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