How does social media work and get you work?

When I talk (face to face) with anyone about building a social media strategy inevitably the question of “how is this going to get me work?” rears its head.

My answer is normally something like “Do you get work by networking and marketing?” and if the answer is yes then I simply explain it’s just the same thing.


London mums in business social media


The key to getting work or making sales is to target your audience and not just in social media.


If no one in your industry and none of your potential clients or customers are on Twitter then don’t use it. But then again there’s press, pr and your secondary industry influencers on Twitter so perhaps you shouldn’t ignore it altogether.

Perhaps you should just tailor the content you share to those people you know are there and who you want to target.


The same goes for Facebook. Please someone give me a valid reason why your business shouldn’t be active on Facebook. If it’s something to do with privacy that’s ridiculous. People were still saying the same thing about “The Internet” 10 years ago and imagine a business without a website now.


A few months ago I can across a really interesting article from Rosh Sillars which you should read if you’re still struggling with the concept of how social media actually works. This is how Social Media Works


Case Study – Wedding Photography


This is a lighthearted story of how I got someone else work. Enjoy.


* I published a lot of wedding photography on Facebook including one of my first UK weddings which was of a friend’s sister whom I met at uni and connected with on Facebook a few years later.

* One of my other friends from uni (who wasn’t friends with me but was friends with my friend who’s sister’s wedding I shot) saw the pictures and came to the (correct) conclusion that I was now a wedding photographer.

* After connecting with an old friend I worked with a few years ago on Facebook we decided to meet up and have a few drinks. We met up, catched up and he complained about his wedding photography business (or lack thereof).

* A couple of years later my friend from uni that wasn’t my Facebook friend sent me a message asking if I was still doing wedding photography and asked if I was free to photograph her friends wedding in North London…..but there wasn’t much of a budget…..

* I explained that I didn’t go North of the River for less than a grand but I knew a photographer that was nearby and could probably do with the work.

* I passed on details to my old work friend who was still in my mind because he kept on sharing things and popping up on my feed. He booked the wedding for a small amount but did alright with the after sale.

* Since then he has sent work my way and vice versa.


The point is that SM isn’t just about RTs and likes – it’s about connecting with people, nurturing the relationship and occasionally taking that relationship offline.


Social media also acts as a reminder to people. It’s like going down your local pub every day and just reminding everyone that you are still in the ……….. buiness just in case they need a ……….


If you have any similar stories then please share in the comments.


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