How a mumpreneur can develop her professional confidence

All mumpreneur’s share one golden advantage in any professional pursuit they pursue – they have already raised children, and that is arguably the toughest job you could ever have. Anyone who dismisses that simply doesn’t know what it’s like and the sacrifices you have to make to raise a brand new human from scratch. After such a heavy effort, how could any professional pursuit scare you?

But of course, in the interest of modesty, mothers tend to be quite humble and never want to overstate their abilities. This is a healthy perspective to take of course, but it also suggests that a little professional confidence may need to be developed. Such an attitude makes sense as if you haven’t had a job for a little while outside of this most important life milestone, you may need a little time to adapt back into your professional candor.

All over the London Mums‘ website, you’ll find fantastic advice for getting started on your side hustle. We hope this particular article can help push you in that direction by offering a few professional confidence tips:

mumpreneur professional confidence

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Knowing Your Strengths

One of the best ways to have confidence in life is knowing what you’re good at. This allows you to feel capable when you need to be, to grow skills where they may be lacking, and to outsource where relevant. Perhaps you’re fantastic at bookkeeping, but your little firm could benefit from outsourced ads marketing agency assistance to keep you relevant and well-exposed in your target niche online. This way, you can dedicate your best time to your strengths, and learn the little practices you hope to improve in.


Setting Achievable Goals

No matter what, it’s important for your goals to feel realistic. Without that, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like you’ve bitten off more than you could chew. Let’s say you’re writing out your blog for your website. You only have to go one post at a time. You only have to tackle one topic at a time. Larger tasks, like putting together a social media strategy, can be divided into little goals – working with a graphic design business for perfect social media banners, then opening your accounts, then using a resource like Agorapulse to schedule posts, it will all make a significant difference going forward and provide the confidence to step forward as needed.


Seeking Mentorship & Guidance

It’s easy to think that if you don’t have all the answers in life, you’ve somehow failed. But there isn’t a professional on earth who would be able to do everything at once. If Walt Disney were to return to the company he started, he wouldn’t know how many of the departments functioned or how to manage them. So, give yourself a break. If you join supportive groups, visit websites like ours, and even use business resources to find a mentor in your local area or industry as you network, you may be able to extend beyond yourself and listen to great advice hard-won before you had to learn it the hard way.


With this advice, you’ll be sure to develop your professional confidence, using motherhood as your staging of self-belief.

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