Glam Mumpreneur Caprice opens up about life as a London Mum and secrets behind her business success

Caprice Bourret ventured to England from Southern California and quickly became one of the most photographed women in the world having appeared on 300 magazine covers across the globe and over 150 TV shows and films. She was voted GQ Magazine’s Woman of the Year, and Maxim’s International Woman of the Year for three years running. Caprice has it all and together with her partner Ty Comfort brings up her two beautiful children Jett and Jax in London. She talks to editor Monica Costa about life as a super model, busy mumpreneur and her secrets behind her incredibly successful “By Caprice” business.

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Q: You once said that you were arrogant about motherhood. What did you mean by that and why have you changed your mind?


CB: I was naive to assume you can have a baby whenever you feel like it. I never thought I would have a problem conceiving


Q: What’s the secret of a long lasting relationship with your partner? 


CB: Sex…. Regular sex. Men are simple creatures…feed them and once in a while pay them compliments!


Q: You had your children at a more mature age. What are the pros and cons of having children after 30?


CB: The pros are that I am much more patient, I could financially support my kids and I didn’t compromise on my life-long partner.


The cons are that, unfortunately women have a ticking clock and have less chances to get pregnant after 35. I was also diagnosed with a medical condition that meant I was unable to carry in my late 30’s.


Q: What’s your parenting style?


CB: Very hands on. I am there for my kids and they are my best friends. I love being with them, talking to them, playing with them and laughing with them…….and I think they love being with mummy too!

Kids just need quality time with their parents.



Q: If you were Mayor of London for the day what would you do to improve Londoners’ life?


CB: No congestion charge, no vat and free parking! Parking would be first come first serve!


Q: If you were Queen of Britain what would be your first initiative?  


CB: I would firstly do a tour of America and Australia to increase tourism.

I would play to our strengths and bring people to the UK – tourism is a huge revenue for our economy.



Q: As a supermodel, have you suffered food deprivation? Have you ever wished you could have a normal job where you could eat what you wanted? 



CB: I am probably the skinniest person in my family. I just don’t know what it is like to eat junk food.


As a result of my good diet I feel healthy and have the energy to be a mother and run a successful business.


Q: What is your favourite meal of all times?


CB: Nachos – double jalapeno peppers, double cheese, refried beans, guacamole and sour cream


Q: What’s your favourite restaurant in London? 


CB: Mediterraneo and Halepi.


Q: You are a very successful mumpreneur. What’s the secret of your success? What are your top tips to a mum wanting to start her own business from her kitchen table?


CB: It is the same rules for all businesses but from meeting many mumpreneurs they are the most passionate, hardworking ambitious business owners out there!

My top tips would be:

Don’t be greedy!

Cash flow is your bible! I know my cash flow for the next 7-8 months, if there’s a problem I’ll fix it now so it does not affect the business in the coming months ahead.

Make use of the free marketing tools around you to network and build a customer base – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Relationships with customers is key – spoil your customers and build customer loyalty.

Surround yourself with good employees and don’t go cheap because ultimately with the right talent you will make more money.


Q: Can you give time deprived London Mums some easy tips on how to look good and fashionable without spending a fortune? 


CB: Go shopping in your own closet, I bet there are loads of things you’ve forgotten about. Take all your clothes and accessories out and reacquaint yourself with everything.

A great tip is go to a charity shop in an affluent area and you will be sure to find some great treasures at minimal expense.


Look good by drinking plenty of water – at least 5 glasses a day.

Sleep, eat healthy and exercise regularly will ensure you look and feel your best.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?


CB: Dominos pizza with extra cheese and jalapeno peppers.


Q: What’s your favourite fashion item and brand? 


CB: Anything black….. In fact my whole wardrobe is black!


Q: What’s the most expensive fashion accessory or piece of clothing you have ever owned? 


CB: My mum bought me an LV handbag. It is one of a kind.


Q: What’s your favourite Hollywood icon and why?


CB: Alyssa Milano – I admire her. She is a huge sports fan and she spotted a gap in the market for a fashion line aimed at sports outlets for women.

She has taken an idea and made it a reality, built an empire and she has done it all by herself.


Q: What are you up next?


CB: We have a very exciting year ahead. We will be launching an organic beauty line By Caprice, Bedding By Caprice and Loungewear By Caprice. As well as potential international store openings!

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