Flexible work opportunities for mums with The Home Club

I know a lot of you mums out there would love to go back to work. You may have a child and feel like there is just something holding you back from getting back to work, like child-care, or that sudden lack of flexibility you will suffer from stepping back into the office.

Believe me, I have lost count of the number of times my mum has told me she gave up a brilliant career to mother the four of us, as well as 2 step brothers. She claims that she doesn’t have the time to go back to work anymore, to which I respond “What if there was something you really wanted to do? Would you find the time?”

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The day I met Darren everything clicked into place. He founded The Home Club (previously called The Building Game) 15 years ago, with aims to return the balance of construction back to the heart of your community’s and give the power back to the people that really make our neighborhoods feel like home, (yes mums I am looking to you).

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you heard that “Wendy” down the road was planning on selling her house before it appeared in the local estate agent? When was the last time you recommended a brilliant interior designer that “just finished work on your sister in laws house” to a friend.

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What if I was to say you can turn that knowledge and passion into a job that is 100% flexible, fun, paid, challenging and most importantly will get you back out there working in a competitive market with real potential for taking your career to any level you desire.


The Home Club is a property network that has residential opportunities in each and every one of London’s 33 boroughs. Darren, however, rather than snapping up these opportunities, was turning properties away due to the simple fact that he just did not have enough help.



After a couple of months of ignoring these opportunities that were starring him in the face, he asked himself ‘what if there was someone with as much local knowledge as him? Someone who had the same drive, and determination as him!’ Then it hit him like a nappy to the face, there was!


You mums know more interior designers, contractors, furniture designers, glass blowers, artists, electrician, and a wealth of other services and property suppliers than we could ever know. And that is why we need you!


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The Home Club family is an uber exclusive property club run by local mums from within their local boroughs, bringing together a vast variety of construction skills to help others in the community who are looking to either renovate, decorate, extend, let or sell. No previous experience is required as we are committed to providing you with all the training and knowledge you need to feel comfortable making the big decisions, and to grow your own network, bringing in as many other mums as you want, or need.

The Home Club has just agreed a partnership with the 37 Degrees Health clubs. How does this benefit you, I hear you ask? The Club has 3 venues in and around London including Kensington, Weybridge and Tower Bridge. These venues will be used as a place for The Home Club to meet, have coffee mornings, remain fit and healthy while utilising the other wonderful parts of the clubs, and most of all, give you a chance to build your network.

They are going to be holding events at each of these venues in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled if this advertisement has sparked your interest in becoming part of the Home Club family. You’ll love it!

Call 0208 941 21 87 or email magnetdocuments@gmail.com for further information on the job opportunities available for parents.

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