Coppa Club Launches Personal Growth Event Series at Putney Site 

Coppa Club is excited to announce the launch of their ‘Personal Growth Event Series’, a brand-new talk-series with a range of fascinating female leaders, who are experts in their field.  Hosted at Coppa Between Bridges in Putney, each talk covers important issues, with the aim of inspiring and educating in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Melissa Hemsley, Kris Hallenga and Anna Williamson will take to the floor this autumn to give talks on a range of key topics from good food, physical health and female entrepreneurship. Each talk includes a Coppa Club brunch, a chilled glass of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne and a chance to mingle with the speaker and other attendees in the heart of Putney. It’s the perfect event series for mums and mumpreneurs in London.

Anna Williamson and two writers showing their books posing for mums magazine

Melissa Helmsley

Melissa Helmsley will be speaking on Sunday 23rd October. Known for her creative, healthy-eating, recipe books and her online blog, as well as her sustainability efforts, Helmsley is passionate about spreading the message of feel-good food. Through cookbooks and appearances on primetime television, Helmsley has created an accessible health movement that celebrates nourishing your body for both physical and mental health. Her latest book ‘Feel Good’ invites readers to cook satisfying yet simple meals that encourage eating well. Helmsley has a wealth of knowledge about how to live well, as well as how to nourish your mind, body and soul with food. Attendees will not only hear from Melissa but will also receive a signed copy of her new book.


Melissa Helmsley will be speaking at Coppa Between Bridges in Putney at 10am-12.30pm on Sunday 23rd October 2022. Tickets cost £52 per person and include a signed copy of her new cookbook. Tickets can be purchased online.


Kris Hallenga

Kris Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel! will be visiting during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At the age of 22, Hallenga’s life turned upside down when she was told she had incurable cancer, and every day since she has campaigned to spread awareness. She is the founder of the breast cancer education charity, CoppaFeel!, which raises over £2 million a year, is a recipient of a Pride of Britain award and has been awarded an honorary doctorate in Public Administration from Nottingham Trent University. Now living in the coastal climates of Cornwall, Hallenga spends her days breathing in ocean air whilst building awareness of CoppaFeel! Speaking about her incredible campaign work, personal experiences with cancer and her new book ‘Glittering a Turd’, this event promises to be a moving one.


Kris Hallenga will be speaking at Coppa Between Bridges in Putney at 9:30am on Monday 10th October 2022.

Tickets cost £40 per person and can be purchased online


Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson wearing a red dress posing for mums magazine cover

London Mums magazine editor Monica Costa posing with Anna Williamson who was interviewed for the Spring 2022 issue.

Guests may recognise Anna Williamson from television, as the presenter of Celebs Go Dating (E4), Save Well, Spend Better (Channel 4) and reporter for Inside Out (BBC One). Williamson also has two successful podcasts which explore parenting, mental health and pop culture. Having been in the limelight for over 10 years, many viewers may not know Williamson has been suffering from a generalised anxiety disorder and has gone on to train as a counsellor, write self-help books and appear on TV to talk about her personal experiences. Coppa Club is hosting one of her very first talks on her new venture The Relationship Place, an online counselling platform for anyone who is seeking relationship guidance. Whether it be getting married, committing to buying a new home or intimacy problems, Williamson has created a safe space for all to seek help and counsel online. Attendees at Coppa Club will gain insight into her expertise and well-established career at this Growth Speaker Event.

Anna Williamson will be speaking at Coppa Between Bridges in Putney at 9:30am on Wednesday 9th November.

Tickets cost £40 and can be purchased online .


Coppa Between Bridges, Putney

Coppa Between Bridges opened just last year, bringing a distinct café-culture experience to Southwest London.  Situated on the riverfront and serving breakfast, brunch, intimate dinners, after-work drinks and daily caffeine fixes, Coppa Between Bridges now offers a welcoming riverside retreat for locals and guests alike to enjoy from morning to night.

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