Check into the Career Confidence Spa!

Summer’s over and Autumn is on its way – perfect timing to take a break and assess what’s working and what needs some attention in your career. Maybe you’re thinking of returning to work after a break or maybe you’re ready to ramp up your career now the kids are a bit older. Whatever your situation you can bet there are some self-limiting beliefs lurking around and some inner critics shouting in your ear and knocking your confidence.

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Let’s detox

Acknowledging your fears, writing them down so they are not constantly whirring around your head is the first step. Then let’s get a bit of perspective – which ones are actually real and which are of your own making? Understanding this can help you identify which ones you can deal with and which ones you might need some help with. So whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not being a good enough mum or fear of being able to cope with working and juggling a family generate a range of solutions for each fear that can then form the basis of an action plan. After all as the author Peter Nivio Zarlenga said “Action conquers fear”.

Time for a boost

Career confidence can be a fragile thing so let’s give a bit of help. List all the things you have achieved in the last 6 months, big or small and just revel in congratulating yourself.

Now list 5 things you have previously feared and overcome – if you did it before you can do it again. Focus on these positive experiences when you feel your confidence starting to wobble or when you start to step out of your comfort zone. Write them down or use them as reminders on your phone.

Don’t go it alone

Feeling like you’re the only one with these worries can affect your confidence even more plus we thrive and grow through human connections. Finding people around you that you can talk to, confide in and support each other along the way will help your well-being and your confidence no end. When people we trust tell us they believe we can achieve something it helps us believe it ourselves. “Connections are like trampolines. The tighter they are the higher you will bounce” (Jane Wurwand).

Don’t forget to relax and re-energise

Set some goals to increase your career confidence over the next 3 months. Make them realistic and challenging. Use to send yourself reminders that help you stay on track. Plus make sure you plan in some rewards for when you’ve achieved them – maybe some more spa time!

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