Calling all mums who want to voice their concerns about life in London to the Mayor

The Mayor has recently published A City for all Londoners, his statement of intent for London over the next four years. This document outlines the key challenges and opportunities for London and how we might start to address or take advantage of those. We want to speak to a range of Londoners to find out what their needs are around these issues so that we can make sure they’re reflected in our policies. Would you like to take part in a woman’s discussion group?

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We will talk about a range of issues: How we accommodate growth by building more homes and businesses and in doing so how we provide what people need, how we ensure there are opportunities for everyone in terms of work and culture, and how we create inclusive neighbourhoods with strong integration and the social infrastructure to deliver this.

We will be holding an online discussion on the evening of the 13th December 2016 with women to talk through these issues in more detail.

We have been having conversations with other communities already and when complete we will be looking at the commonalities and differences across groups which will help us understand where and how our policies should be shaped to get the best outcomes for everyone, and where we might need to do more research to unpick issues in more detail.

Email if you want to participate and we will send you all details. If you cannot attend but you know someone who would like to voice their concerns to the Mayor please ask them to get in touch.

Please help us make our voices heard at the highest level!


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