Do Blogging & Social Media cause you Anxiety? You may need a Digi Detox …

Every Summer at the end of the school year, I head off to Italy and I start a period of real digi detox by switching off my social media due to high roaming charges on the smartphone. The result is increased quality time spent reading, writing and deep thinking not to mention the added family activities.

My digi detox also involves no TV or screen time of any kind (except for my checking work emails).

Walking and talking with friends (the so-called Yackety Yackety ritual), fine dining as well as practising more sport or fitness replace the social media & blogging frenzy.


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Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest are great but addictive and having spent time without them I can confess that I feel my brain re-energised.

And admittedly I am the type of person who would not stay one hour without tweeting or posting a picture on Facebook even when I am at the dinner table.

Have you ever experienced that tingle when you hear the sound of a tweet coming through especially exciting when it is in stereo effect if the iPad is also connected 🙂 ?

Girls Summer Sun Smiles Joy Friends Stroll

These days I feel I have less time to do activities that I used to fit in my daily routine. After an accurate assessment of my time management I have realised that I spend more time on social media. It is quite a balancing act to manage both offline family routines, work, social media and focus on exciting ad-hoc projects. I believe that it is all in the time management and using free scheduling tools like Hootsuite to plan the social media activities certainly helps being more organised and efficient.

I know that it’s going to take more than three weeks to keep me away from my technology but having had a digi detox this Summer I have come out refreshed and want to preserve that feeling for the months ahead to focus on more productive work.

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That said, I will have to deal with my Klout score dipping but I can’t have it all, can’t I?!

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