A Mum’s Working from Home Guide


Housework, walking the dog, laundry, there are plenty of distractions around the computer desk that can take you away from your work when you are working from home. Adding children into the mix can make it seem impossible to actually get any work done.

When you’re undertaking work from home with a baby or child in tow, you will face many challenges. There are some things you can do to find a better work-life balance. Here is a guide that will allow you to continue to be a fantastic mum, as well as get some work done.




Stick to a schedule

Without a robust schedule to stick to, it can be easy to put work to the back of the list. Sit down on a Sunday evening and create a schedule for the week ahead. Be sure to make enough time for jobs around the house, work, play time and any other daily jobs you have to carry out.

Committing to this schedule will help keep your days on track and at the end of the day when everything is crossed off; you will feel a real sense of achievement. Make it the golden rule that what is written, gets done. Stick to time limits and if something new does come up that you need to do, fit it into a slot on your schedule. This way you won’t fall behind with your other tasks.


Work when you’re most productive

It’s important to make the most of your valuable time. If you know your child always goes down for a nap for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, reserve this time for productive work. Set aside a couple of hours in the evening after your child has gone to bed to get some work done, but be sure to keep some hours for a nice relaxing bath and wind-down time.

You may be an early bird that rises before the rest of the family. If so, use this time wisely for things you cannot do when the children wake up. Coordinate your work schedule with a partner or hired help so that you can get work done in your most productive hours.

Designate time to check emails

Checking and replying to emails is an easy way to lose time. It can be surprising how long it can take to clear your emails, and if you’re anything like me, you cannot leave a full inbox for another day. Designate yourself an hour or two a day in your schedule just to checking and responding to emails.

Once you have designated that specific time, only check your inbox during that time. Don’t fall behind with other tasks by checking consistently throughout the day. The best way to help to do this is to turn off your notifications. This way you can only be reached when you want to be reached, allowing you the freedom to get your other tasks done.

Take Breaks

Scheduling in breaks is really important. Part of the reason you’re working from home is to spend time with your kids, so ensure you make time for this.

Get out of the house and take a walk to the park or have a picnic. It will clear your head and give you some quality time with the children. You may even find that when you come back you are even more productive. If the weather’s not great, schedule in some time for at-home activities that will allow you and your child to bond and have fun together.


Finally, it is important to celebrate your achievements when working from home. Go over your schedule and look at everything you’ve achieved in that day. It will help you to feel good about your productiveness and motivate you to keep going the following day.

Remember that you own your time and don’t let anyone else steal it away from you. Enjoy the freedom of being able to take the children out or snuggle up and watch a film whenever you would like- just be sure to schedule it in! If you focus on the bigger picture usually, the details fall right into place.









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