10 Ways To Get More Done in 2020

Feel like you didn’t get enough done in 2019? There’s still time! You have three months left to make this the best year ever – as cliche as that sounds. This business year it’s been my best so far, but I have often felt snowed under and overwhelmed by the lack of time. I have reflected on where my time goes and I have to admit that social media have inevitably sucked so much of it. I want to try to correct this in 2020 and dedicated more precious time to writing or singing. 

Below, I’m going to give you 10 ways you can make sure you get more done in 2020. Take a look and see what you can put to good use:

  1. Have Both Short And Long Term Goals

Make sure you have both short and long term goals for 2020. This will help you to stay focused, as well as break them down into baby steps so you can achieve them. The short term goals should also eventually help you to reach the long term goals. Make sure you are setting goals properly. This means being able to measure them and making them as specific as possible, rather than ‘get new clients’, you want ‘get 20 new clients by the end of March 2020’. The latter is measurable and specific and makes an overall better goal. 


2. Know What Motivates You

Knowing what motivates you will help you to ensure you’re always doing what’s right for you. If you’re not sure what motivates you, you’re going to struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Make sure everything you do aligns with your values and helps you to work towards your goals. 


3. Focus On Living A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle will make you feel like the best version of yourself, which in turn will likely mean getting more done. Healthy food will help you to stay focused and alert, while regular exercise will get those endorphins flowing and allow you to handle whatever the day throws at you. 

4. Know How To Delegate and Outsource

Delegation and outsourcing is sometimes the only way you can get everything you need to do, done. Assuming you have people you can delegate and outsource to, that is. If you need to, you can usually find virtual assistants and other people online who would be willing to help you. 


5. Use Apps 

An app could even help you to get things done faster and more effectively. Enterprise Document Management may have taken you a long time to do manually, but there are now apps and software that can basically do it for you. Don’t shy away from this. It might cost a little more money than you doing it yourself, but it’s usually worth it! 

Photo by Julien Bachelet from Pexels


6. Stay On Top Of Your Time By Timing Yourself

Time yourself when you do certain tasks and give yourself a break when the timer runs out. Some people like to set a timer for 25-35 minutes, before giving themselves a 5-10 minute break and then doing it over again. It can help to keep you more focused than attempting to work for hours on end. 


7. Make The Most Of Your Commute

I don’t personally commute as I usually work from my home office, but I often attend events and meetings in Central London and I try to make the most of the travelling time by reading or listening to interesting podcasts or songs to prepare for my rock band rehearsals.

Could you do a little work on your commute? Maybe you could listen to a helpful self development audiobook? Make the most of this time. Don’t just stare out of the window! 


8. Stay Away From Social Media

Get into the habit of staying away from social media, at least for the first few hours of the day. If you need to be on social media for your business, you could always hire a social media manager. It’s too easy to get stuck on these pages without really getting anything done at all. If you must go on there, make sure you keep in mind what you’re supposed to be doing so you don’t get distracted.

9. Only Answer Emails Once A Day

Emails can be another huge time suck. By only answering them once a day, you can make sure you don’t get bogged down reading and replying to them. I have never tried this but I will do it soon. 


10. Make A To Do List That Really Works 

What do your to do lists look like at the moment? You probably include too many things, even if you start the day with the best of intentions and convince yourself you’ll be able to do it all. The problem with having lots of things on your to do list is that you feel demotivated when you don’t complete them all, even though you tried to over schedule yourself. Have an idea of how long it takes you to do things and be realistic. Try not to include more than 5 essential things for the day. Then, anything you get done on top of these things is a bonus! 


Which of these techniques will you use to get more done in 2020? Leave a comment!

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