Ways to promote your music during a pandemic 

2020 has been a weird year. With most of us working from home, our time has been spent juggling our ordinary day-to-day working lives while managing our children’s school day. Events cancelled left and right, and with the return to normality some time off yet; it can be hard to think back to a time before the pandemic. The same can be said, for those budding musicians among us. Musicians and artists alike rely heavily on public exposure to spread the word of their work far and wide. With this opportunity taken away through the cancellation of concerts and gigs, it can undoubtedly seem more challenging than ever for your efforts to pay off.  

While waiting for the publication of the London Mums magazine Spring edition dedicated to Rock ‘n’ Love and five rock star mums, I have compiled a comprehensive list below, of ways that you can promote your music during a pandemic, when unable to host any in-person, live performances.

Whether you are a mum who performs as their main job or is someone who enjoys performing for people as a side-hustle, we are confident that there is a suggestion here to suit you and your busy schedule! Read on for more inspiration!  

Having a Professional Website 

Like most other professions nowadays, you must have some sort of Internet base to work from. More so, when wanting to create and build your online presence, having a website is the first stepping stone in doing just that.  

There does not need to be masses on the website, merely the most important details about you and the music that you produce. Having a section about you and your story gives those who visit your site an easy way of learning a bit about you without delving into the site’s bowels for the information.

Including a section about any upcoming gigs and how to get tickets – when concerts and gigs can happen again, of course – would also be somewhat helpful for those visiting your site.  

Not to mention, having links to your social media accounts, and any accounts that you might have on streaming platforms will help to promote your music. It could also boost your website’s visibility to search engines; your website will appear for visitors when searching for terms associated with or contained on your website.  


Being Present on Social Media 

It goes without saying, but social media has undoubtedly been a great way of connecting with people throughout the pandemic. It has allowed us to stay in contact with friends and family while apart and is also beneficial to musicians and artists alike.  

Social media allows musicians like yourself to communicate and engage with their audience in ways that other platforms do not allow. This is especially important when a small artist. You want to build a rapport with those who support your music and your venture, for they will be the ones engaging and spreading your content.  

By posting regularly on social media accounts, you boost your online image and provide audiences with more content to engage with. Social media is one way of promoting your music when unable to perform live, but there are a handful of other ways. This leads us to our next point.  


Using Streaming Platforms and Playlists 

With more people than ever using streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, you are provided with a vast range of people to reach. During a difficult time for artists, using social media to announce any new music, and streaming platforms to release it means you can still provide new tracks for your fans. Not to mention, you can also keep them engaged in what you are doing or listening to by creating personal playlists too.  

Streaming platforms offer artists the opportunity to feature their songs on curated playlists, but you must often do things as an artist to make this happen. If you have found yourself wondering how to get on a Spotify playlist as a way of promoting your music, you are in luck! Pirate Studio has released a helpful list of ways to do just that; you will be on the significant Spotify playlists in no time.  

To further bolster your use of streaming platforms, ensure that you have your social media channels linked and vice versa; you will be able to notify followers when new music is available, and have a better chance of being featured on selected playlists by encouraging engagement in this way.  

Finally, while it is essential to consider these suggestions and more, it is also crucial to recognise that it will take some time for things to lift off. You will not be a worldwide sensation overnight, unfortunately.  

With consistent effort and using social media channels and streaming platforms while unable to perform live, you are proactive! Building your fanbase while preparing music to release and promoting this music is an excellent way of building up hype before releasing your music, whether a debut or follow-up album.  


Not to mention, it puts you at a good steading for organising live gigs following the pandemic. What a great way of getting your music out there and chasing your musical dreams!  

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