Trash Pack Explosion pop goes the trash can

We showed you a few Trash Pack activities and now here you have the ‘Trash Pack Explosion pop goes the trash can’ for hours of entertainment at home.


1. If you get the Trashie character in the Trash Pack bin you get 20 points

2. If Trashie knocks over the bins you get 10 points

3. If you are using your sisters dolls house and land on furniture that is 30 points

4. If you land in the kitchen – points get taken away as that is where the Fresh Packs live. And they come out of the Fridge one at a time. If you knock them over you get 10 points taken away. Ok so I am moving ahead of myself. But I have been busy making Little Snowflakes Fresh Pack characters so watch this space. Come on Little Snowflake, you rock!

Trash Pack Explosion new game

This new video is much clearer so hope they like this one too. And we have much more to come.

With a little bit of luck they will allow me to buy the big Trash Packs direct so I can promote with local schools and run fun drawing competitions. Mum’s know there is nothing like teamwork. And I am a good team player so fingers crossed. Who knows this could help Mum’s work from home as we could all work together in different schools. What do you think?

P.S. This little boy in the video is my daughters friend and he is in the Olympic games advert with two other boys running. I also know the other little boy he always makes me laugh. Clever little thing he wished me Happy New Year in English and my boss the cook a Happy New Year in Welsh. I wonder what he will think of Little Snowflakes Trash Pack game?

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