Transform a Bratz to a Butterfly Blue Holly with wings

When I was looking through the London Mums’ blogs I came across Tanith Carey’s amazing book called “Where has my little girl gone?” I am so excited about this book and hope it creates the change we need to protect our little girls from our plastic world.

Here is a video of my little girl de-Bratzing her Bratz doll into a Holly Blue Butterfly. I tried to mix up some paint to make her lips more natural and I have to say it went a little wrong, ha ha, but at least we tried. The little mask is something I made last year when I was trying to help save our school Butterfly Meadow.

My little girl used an old black top to make the butterfly body. It took her all of five minutes, total genius.

And I gave her some white cotton material to trace round our Holly Butterfly wing template. She used black and blue felt tips to colour the wings and then crayon when the blue felt tip ran out. Thin elastic to secure the wings around the dolly’s¬†wrist.

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