Top tips to keep under 5s entertained

Here are Sarah Hobbs (head of family, David Lloyd Leisure) top tips to keep under 5s entertained.

• The best way to get little ones active is to play with them – a three-year-old will try anything as long as the big person is doing it too

• Make it fun and appeal to their sense of imagination – running is not just running, it is racing like a lion, as fast as a train, as hoppy as a frog. Sometimes big people forget what it’s like to be little!

• Make sure you don’t stay on the same subject or sport for too long – remember small children’s attention span is very short; incorporate lots of changes and they will be going for hours

• Think about when they will be most active – don’t ask them to be active when they are tired or at nap or bed time; their routine is very important to them and the reward for getting it right will be a settled and resting child at the end of the day

• What’s better than to be active with lots of other like-minded little people – making friends, playing and running together is a recipe for success

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