The ultimate teddy bear experience

If you thought for a moment that teddy bears are boring, well think twice after checking this post about London Mums experiencing a Build-a-Bear workshop. I must admit I often passed by the shops across London and never dared entering as I found the idea of making a teddy bear not quite exciting …. I was SO wrong.

Check our videos here and see for yourself what the experience is all about. I wish there was a build-a-bear workshop in the Seventies when I was a little girl. Actually while we were in the shop at the Westfield London, a young couple came in to choose her Valentine present. So cute and romantic. She chose a gorgeous fluffy Hello Kitty teddy, they stuffed it together, cuddled while putting its heart inside and even recorded a loving message.

My son loved personalising his Kermit the Frog teddy now that he is into The Muppets and also picked the most amazing outfit, a Harley Davidson leather jacket, that turned the teddy into the coolest Kermit ever seen.

It’s a great place where to have a birthday party or a special treat to a well-behaved child.

Here are the kids in action.

Build-a-bear Workshop: a bear with a heart

Build-a-bear workshop: the bear is stuffed!

Build-a-Bear Workshop: the bear is getting personalised

Build-a-bear workshop: the bear is getting dressed up!

Build-a-bear workshop: the promise!

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