Summer Crafting

Sometimes, even when the sun is shining, it’s nice to have a craft project on the go. Somehow sitting quietly and dabbing a bit of paint here and making a few twists with some thread there calms the soul and recharges the batteries of over-excited children – and parents – sufficiently for another round of tree climbing or bike riding. Go Create have come up with a wonderful selection of craft kits that are fun for all ages and even better use some of the items from your recycling – you’ll never look at a juice box the same way again. Here you can find some Summer crafting ideas.

go create kit boxes

The kits are full of vibrant supplies and well illustrated instructions – though very young children will need help with the scissors as all of the projects rely on a level of ‘refashioning’ that little hands might be challenged by. But the results are so beautiful that any small amount of help given will be a pleasure to you as well. It’s a bit like an adventure unfolding in your hands. I made the plastic bag jewellery and was absorbed in the process – it also starts you thinking about the other home recycling that can be put to use. And isn’t that nice? In the middle of the summer holidays to have the time to reflect on what can be used by your children for their pleasure without any extra cost?

go create projects

It’s an exciting combination of craft and repurposing. Schools have long seen the practical side of reusing plastic and paper in art projects, but at home we’ve been more focused on sorting the stuff into the right bag for bin day. This is a lovely example of how looking at something in a new way can produce an unexpected and beautiful outcome. We may not realise it, but this is a great skill for children to have, to be able to see past the obvious and look for the hidden beauty is a gift and something that helps them cope with the way the world works.

I really like that the humble egg box can become sea creatures and that a 2l plastic bottle ends up as a jetpack. It makes for a wonderful guessing game and your children will take that leap of imagination and learn the phrase ‘one mans junk is another mans treasure.’ My absolute favourite is the juice box bird feeder – divine!

go create kits

Go Create are stocked through Tesco so many of these kits can be collected from the shelf at the same time as you do your weekly shop. Look online for the full range, which offers such diverse projects as pirates ships and farmyard animals and get your creative hat on! Next on the list? Arrange that Summer Exhibition…

go create crafts

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