Get creative: Make story starters with the kids

Films can be great story starters to introduce kids to storytelling and the Summer can be a great time as children need to be entertained. Outdoor activities are essential but during the downtime and relaxation time, a combination of movies, games and books is brilliant to get them busy for a long time.

Check this art & craft idea created by blogger who teamed up with Netflix to help mums engage their kids by keeping their creativity sharp with these colorful, easy-to-make story starters. Instructions are very simple to follow.

Story Starter - Final option 2_logo

Once you have made your story cubes, you can roll them like you would with dices. Whatever images appear face up, create and tell your story using all of the elements. Be creative as you can and have fun! Whether you are at home or on a road trip, this is a great game.

If you have Netflix you can get great kids’ programmes to inspire their storytelling using their story starters. Here are some of our favourites:

For the little ones


Netflix Netflix Netflix

For the older ones


Netflix Netflix  Planet earth

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