Storage & children’s rooms: 10 tips for making the most of your space

Storage or no storage – that is the question… De-cluttering ideas are popping up in my head every Spring so I am taking a look at what other alternative options we, London Mums, have for storing our kids’ stuff.

More often than not, children end up in the smallest bedrooms – after all, you’re not going to sacrifice your ‘adult space’ for the sake of a little one. You may even end up accommodating your youngest in some kind of box room until you can find a bigger home, but the irony of all this is that children tend to have more stuff than all grown ups put together.

Finding where to keep all their belongings can be a challenge, but here are ten tips for making the most of your space (especially in small London accommodations):

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  1. Check out self-storage
    If you’ve got furniture, toys or anything else lying around that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t want to keep at home either, self-storage from the likes of could be a handy and convenient option to consider.
  2. Repurpose bookshelves
    Bookshelves can be bulky if you have limited space, but by turning them on their sides you can create an instant seating area with compartments that are ideal for placing child-friendly storage baskets. Cover the top of each bookshelf (turned seat) in foam and an attractive fabric and you’ve got one fantastic space saving furniture design.
  3. Opt for vertical storage
    Making the most of vertical space is the way to go if you have a box room, so look for tall bookshelves and cabinets rather than wider, bulkier items that take up more floor space.
  4. Put up shelves
    Shelving is the ideal place to keep books, trophies, photo frames and other keepsakes, so be sure to use as much wall space as possible for practical storage reasons rather than simply putting up pictures or posters.
  5. Look for raised beds
    A traditional single bed can take up a lot of room, particularly if there are no draws included in the design, so it’s better to buy a raised bed with room for a desk or seating area underneath. This is the ultimate space saver and will ensure kids have all they need without feeling claustrophobic.
  6. Stock up on storage boxed with wheels
    Storage boxes with wheels are the perfect accessory for a small room as they can be wheeled under beds and into corners with ease.
  7. Check out stackable boxes
    Similarly, boxes that can be easily stacked on top of each other will ensure everything is kept neat and tidy while not occupying too much room.
  8. Hang up dress up clothes
    If you’re a parent, you’ll know that an over-spilling dressing up box can look messy and unattractive in a small room. So to solve this problem, try hanging up all costumes instead on an easily portable rail.
  9. Put up a pegboard
    Feeling creative? Then perhaps make your own pegboard or buy one from a reputable hardware store. These are great for keeping all kinds of kids toys, including crafting tools, and you can even hang baskets from them to store nappies, wipes and whatever else you might require.
  10. Create a play table
    Multi-purpose furniture items are the way forward in a small space, so how about purchasing a play table that can be used for eating, drawing, sitting, and other child-friendly activities? You may even wish to stick Lego construction boards to it once in a while but make sure they’re easily removable.

There are many wonderful storage solutions for small spaces these days, you just have to think outside of the box (excuse the pun) and make the most of what room you have.

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