How to draw Comics in easy steps: Spiderman, Darth Vader and & other characters

Mums need relaxing to cope with kids and according to the latest trends they can chill out with calming colouring books with black and white illustrations to fill in with colours. I tried that and indeed I found it relaxing yet not as creative as drawing from scratch. So I gathered all my own personal experience with drawing comics in this piece. I find it extremely therapeutic to relax for a couple of hours once a week in front of the TV watching The Voice or other trivial programmes (not Inspector Montalbano though).

How to draw Comics collage

If I can do it, anybody can! The secret is in the practising. I once was told by a professional illustrator that all it takes is 30 minutes of practice every day. Comics are a passion of mine from Mickey Mouse to superheros like Spider-Man as well as Star Wars characters. But sketching figures in action is particularly difficult.

Here is my step-by-step video guide to easy illustrations. I have seen this method to illustrate in various books and magazines.

In this video I show my own sketch for a fictional Super Girl. Like it or not, you will see the technique I explain below in more details.


The key to draw any figure is to start by sketching the lines to get the perspective right. This would be your skeleton.

How to draw Comics 1

Image from Draw the Marvel way by Hachette

Then draw bubbles to put some ‘meat’ (the muscles) around the skeleton. At this stage it is not important to get the shape 100% perfect but the dimensions correct.

The details are added later.

How to draw Comics 2

Image from Draw the Marvel way by Hachette

Spiderman 1 IMG_2583Spiderman 2 IMG_2584Spiderman 3 IMG_2585Spiderman 4 IMG_2594Spiderman 5 IMG_2595Spiderman 6 IMG_2596


Check out a few videos to inspire you with illustrating Spiderman in his iconic costume.

Spiderman Speed Painting

The Amazing SpiderMan – Making his Suit

Spiderman Costume Montage

I had a bit of fun also with Darth Vader although I am not completely happy with the result. But what counts is the practice. Over time you get better. This time I copied from an image rather than a comics book. This is a bit more difficult but challenging and fun. But the steps are the same: Skeleton, bubbles, defining the body shape, black tip pen highlight, shadows, colours and final touches.

comics darth vader IMG_2741

Image from Star Wars Helmet Collection by De Agostini

1 comics darth vader IMG_27182 comics darth vader IMG_27283 comics darth vader IMG_27364 comics darth vader IMG_27395 comics darth vader IMG_27426 comics darth vader IMG_3692     

Don’t be afraid of trying. There are no judges. The more you draw the better you will become.

Please share your efforts with us.

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