Mums and Dads have to constantly find new things to do with the children. We all know those five words they use so often “I’m bored, what can I do?”

When my little girl was five we put out ordinary nuts to feed the birds and also to attract the squirrels. We made a path of nuts up to our back door so we could see them from the window. And they came. I cannot express the joy my little girl had just watching these little critters from the kitchen window. But you know children they want to get up close.

So Mummy brought a packet of hazelnuts to see if the squirrel would take it from our hands. Well he did not only take the nuts from my little girls hand, he decided he wanted the whole packet. So he put his head in the packet of hazelnuts and as you can see in the photo he ended up wearing it. Te he. What a magical moment that was!

Let me know if you have any luck attracting squirrels to your garden. And leave some photos on London Mums’ Magazine Facebook page so we can all have a giggle or go ah. My NZ friends had a place in Ealing and they came in the kitchen to say hello. And I remember the time I went to a wedding at London Zoo and walking through the park this little squirrel kept following me. I just wanted to pick him up and give him a cuddle, but I forgot my nuts. What a shame!

We need to get our children back in the garden as computer games don’t give them the ability to be real kids and go on magical adventures using their creative imagination. I have some fantastic footage of my little girl and her friend in the garden protecting Cindy Woo our pet bunny rabbit from the big black birds.

They have used a black bin bag and stuck leaves to it. Honestly it really made me giggle. Maybe I can share this footage with you one day as I am sure the kids will love it. Little Snowflake also got to pick up a baby magpie in our garden last summer. And of course there were the baby frogs etc. The back garden is just full of excitement, all you need is a little imagination.

A child’s memory is so precious, it is important to keep all their images safe. If you want to know how to digital scrapbook the cheap way leave me a message. You can even just create lots of DVDs. But at least you know those memories are kept safe for future generations to enjoy.

My Nan was an orphan and sadly we do not have one photograph of her as a little girl. So I make sure that we have lots of us for our future family to enjoy. And how exciting it will be for them if you are a blogger as they will be able to follow your journey and see what it was like in the old days for Mum in the UK or abroad.

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