Revising with Colour

This article about the importance of working with colours is written by Guest Blogger, Caroline Ridges from STABILO. We all know how tough it is to be a teenager. You’re not a child but not quite an adult and you have to deal with a lot of changes in a short space of time, not to mention the extra pressure from school when the exam period hits.

It’s no wonder kids can find it difficult to focus when it comes to revision.

Research has shown that using colour while studying can improve your memory by up to 78%.

Coloured text is more interesting and understandable which makes the information more memorable to aid recall.

Rather than attempting to remember long paragraphs of text, encourage your child to spend some time creating mind maps or bullet pointed lists to help organise their thoughts. Writing the facts out again, rather than re-reading messy notes from class, will jog their memory and adding colour will make the words stand out in their mind more clearly.

Here is an example of how writing a neat list in colour could help your child revise and remember the key facts about photosynthesis:

For more complex subjects, a mind map is a great way to fit a lot of information onto one page. Your child could try using coloured drawings, as in the example below, to make ideas stand out on the page and impress them on their memory.

If you’re looking for stationery that will last the whole of the exam period and most importantly your teenager will actually like using, STABILO’s colourful range of Point 88s and BOSS Highlighters are great options. Try inspiring them to revise by putting together a STABILO Study Kit full of all the equipment they need to ace the exams!

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