Play by the Book: Fun & easy Reading Comprehension Game to learn Literacy for 8-12 children

Let’s face it: no matter how much children love reading and writing, learning literature is quite tough for most kids these days and parents have little time or often no skills to help them improve their literacy skills at school. My theory is that screen time is guilty of making children more passive and less engaged when reading. But there’s a game by Learning Resources that will get all kids (and parents alike) to enjoy a traditional board game while learning literature. If you don’t believe me, check Diego’s video here and try it for yourself.

 PLay by the book reading and comprehension game
Play by the Book is simply an action-packed game that gets children talking about literature.  It makes participants reflect on any fiction book, chapter, film or clip they’re studying at school in a fun way (you can tell by Diego’s playing the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

The video


How it works

Players travel around the game board through four regions, each representing a different genre and inhabited by familiar fiction characters.
Fun ‘action spaces’ encourage multi-sensory learning through talking, singing, acting and sketching.
Teacher often use it at school to enhance guided reading sessions.
PLay by the book reading game
There are 2 levels of play to develop skills for:
    • Drawing conclusions, making predictions and inferences
    • Asking questions
    • Comparing and contrasting
    • Summarising and retelling
    • Identifying language, structure and presentation
    • Justifying with evidence
    • Connecting prior knowledge with text
    • Familiarity with a range of fiction genres

Kids can play during after school play dates and learn while they spend a few hours together. It is suitable for 2-6 players in the age group 8 to 12.

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