Party hair the Butterfly Lullaby fairy way

Do you remember being a child and all the wonderful things you believed in? Fairies the tooth fairy and of course our very real Father Christmas.

Make your little Princess look pretty without make-up the way a child should look. Just dress their hair up and put on a pretty frock and they you have it a real little girl who looks like a Princess the natural way.

Party Hair

I handmade all the hair ribbons and bobbles. Would you like to make them? Leave me a comment.

And I have written another letter to David Cameron, which I will post off today to ask for support for Mums to earn a living from home that fits around their children. Hold on tight because I think 2012 is going to be a very good year for Children and Mothers. Change is coming and as a team we can help each other to give our children a better future.

Well seeing as my friend’s son is in the advert for the Olympic games how can the Government say no.

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