New Trash Pack Game for girls and boys

Trash Pack is the new toy that is taking England and the UK by storm. They did run a talent competition for children to design their own Trash Packs, where the winner would get their design made and sold in stores.

Even though there is no competition for the UK at the moment they did email me to say that did not mean never and things could change.

So keep your eyes and ears open. Anyway here is the video of my little girls new Trash Pack Game idea which they love and have asked if they can put it on their Facebook page.

If you see from the advert it does not show the Trashies being put on a large Trash Pack bin, having the bin popped open and the little Trashies flying through the air. I will update the game to make it more exciting as it has rules and you get points for landing
in different rooms. Points for landing in the bins and knocking them over. Of course boys can create the same sort of thing using
old boxes. Or even cars.

Clever Little Snowflake. Stay with me as I have some great Trash Pack crafts that you can make out of Trash. Children love this and it is free so give it a try. Will be back soon time to pick up the kids.

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