New app helps tween girls get enthusiastic about cooking!

Would you love to inspire your daughter to learn how to cook? Would she rather be playing on the iPad? Well, the lovely people at Spil Games have come up with a solution that will keep you both happy!

Sara’s Cooking Class is already an online success but has just been formatted for mobile devices. The app allows your daughter to join Sara, a young chef, in making some delicious treats. At the moment there are twelve recipes included in the app (red velvet cake, fruit smoothies and pizza are all on the menu) but more are in production. The game uses positive reinforcement to encourage girls to improve their score.

Another great thing about this game is that it is available in a range of different languages, including six with a voice-over. So if your child is learning French then why not switch the language setting so she can have fun and practise at the same time?

Sara’s Cooking Class is aimed at girls between the ages of six and twelve although, in its current state, I would recommend it for the lower half of this age range. There are plans to increase the scope for individuals’ creativity and also to bring more characters into the story. These changes will make it more appealing to slightly older girls.

The most impressive thing about Sara’s Cooking Class is its potential to inspire and educate young girls in a fun and interactive way. Instead of asking your daughter to make sure she’s read through the recipe before she starts cooking, with Sara’s Cooking Class she can do a virtual run-through. The recipes used are available to read in full and do work. We all know that an understanding of what’s in food is important to leading a healthy lifestyle and the best way to get to grips with that is to cook. Cooking with you is a brilliant, tactile way for your daughter to learn important skills and you’ll both have a great time!

Sara’s Cooking Class is available to purchase from Thursday 8th November 2012.

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