My junk doll

I am so passionate about dolls that I started my own collection after having boys’ toys for several years…. Now my passion for making toys out of junk combined with my passion for dolls has produced this. I hope this junk doll can be inspirational for some mums wanting to entertain their kids at home while being creative and good to the environment by recycling.










For the doll’s filling, just look around your house for foam left over from packaging. Alternatively you can use some old socks or pieces of textile. The idea is not to go out and buy bits and pieces. The creativity is shown in how you transform junk into something artistic.


Get any old cloths and old T-Shirts to roll the padding and make legs, arms, body and head. You only need to sew them all together.


At the very end, you can make the eyes, nose and mouth out of old pieces of colourful foam sheets. If you don’t have them, simply cut the shapes out of cardboard, old magazines or paper.


I made the doll’s dress from an old pijama.


For the hair, my son and I had real fun cutting pieces of old shirts and cloths in strips which I glued together. I used a button to keep all the strips together.


I found two cute key rings from Tunisia in the shape of Turkish slippers and used those as shoes. They looked cute and the key rings have finally found a good use.

My son called it ‘Everything’s Rosie’ because of its resemblance with the Cbeebies character.

In terms of measurements, you can decide what you want. My doll is 50 cm tall. I had lots of junk and I wanted to make the most of it.


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