How to make a Moshi Monster T-Shirt I love Mummy

Mums how would you like to make your own designer T Shirt for your child using their very own Moshi Monster drawings etc? I have come up with a way to keep that design on the T Shirt for a little bit longer than normal using T Shirt Transfer and my own special magic. Also I don’t just iron on the A4 sheet, which looks naff.

Want to know how? Leave me a comment. If I get enough comments I will make a video. And if Mum’s like my idea this could help Mum’s work from home as you could be making your very own designer t-shirts to sell, without the huge outlay.

Every Mother deserves to be their for their child. And this Mum wants to make sure that we can with London Mums support. The Internet can open many doors for Mum’s so we can use our computer to earn money. The Government must invest in us for our children’s future and I am asking for change so the Internet is safe for children and Mothers.

We want family values brought back and remember change is possible if we only team up and try! I have written to the Government and asked them to invest in Butterfly Lullaby so no mother has to go through the hell I have been through. They are putting a stop to adult sites destroying lives and family values. I want my website to be a shop where Mums can list all their arts and crafts to sell with no up front fees and list as long as you want. Only a selling fee to pay for the IT. I don’t want it to be about profit as Mum’s need help. Hopefully the website will pay for itself with children’s videos promoting toys etc. Then we can really invest in Mum’s. Dreams do come true!

And my dream is just up my road where I want to get help to buy the old school so Mums can sell and buy old toys, clothes and make it into a children’s art gallery. Of course Mums can add their art work too. It will be very exciting as my partner an even get songs on I-Tunes. But the Internet needs some changes first.

If my friend is making thousands selling second-hand clothes in Hastings then I am sure we can make this dream a reality too and give Mums the flexibility to fit in with their children.

Teamwork is good! Come on you Mums!

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