Monster High Cleo De Nile pattern wings and mask

This photograph of Cleo De Nile, who is one of the Monster High Dolls, is wearing my very own Cleopatra costume, which I made for my daughter’s friends’ birthday. I asked her Mother this week what she would like and she gave me the Monster High dolly.

I have to admit I adore Egyptian history and have always been drawn to Cleopatra through her beauty and sheer confident presence.  Some of the Monster High dolls remind me of me in my youth. Quite scary looking, ha ha. Cleo is my favourite!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my work. Do you think I should sell kits so children can make the Cleo De Nile dress, mask and wings or just patterns?

Today my little girl asked “Mummy do you want me to stay with you on Mother’s day?” I replied “Of course I want you to be with me, but I also want you to have fun and every mother tries to put her child before what she wants, so you go to the birthday party and I will be here when you get back!”

I love being a Mummy, but I long for my independent financial stability to be able to earn a decent living so I no longer have to worry about paying the bills. Do you ever feel like that? When I look around the school yard I wonder how many struggling mothers there are like me? I hope one day there will be better opportunities for Mums to earn a living from home with the full help and support from the Government.

When it comes to family values I am very old-fashioned. I believe in Traditional Family Values (but no slavery – teamwork goes a long way.) Mothers sadly have to protect themselves financially as people can seriously let us down.

My daughter’s Mother’s Day Poem from school

Cuddly Mummy

Useful Mummy

Perfect Mummy

Caring Mummy

Angel Mummy

Kind Mummy

Every time! (Heart)

What a lucky Mummy I am!

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