Master interior elegance without breaking the bank


This blog gives you ideas on how to master interior elegance without breaking the bank.

As we hurtle towards the beginning of a new year, you may be thinking about a new start for your home. A new beginning mentally can be aided by a fresh lick of paint to your interior, it’s simple psychology – memories are triggered by the physical context of your surroundings. Some memories are of course worth keeping, but if it’s truly a renewed start you’re looking for, it might be time to reinvent your home as a fresh new paradise of elegance.




But I hear you – where is this mysterious money coming from? We’re all spent out. Forever wrapping more and more stocking fillers for the kids and always forgetting to budget sufficiently for the end of the year’s festivities, it all adds up! Sigh.

Don’t fear, though, creating an elegant home doesn’t have to be as pricey as it looks. You don’t need a high-class bank account to create a high-class home, and you most definitely can’t put a price on good taste!


Make a statement

Classy homes aren’t cluttered, but that doesn’t mean to say that your décor needs to be lacking or uninspired. An elegant home is all about boasting few key pieces as opposed to littering a lot of them. Focus on spending your money on one or two quality statement pieces per room, it’ll scream class more than a room full of cheaper pick-up finds. Quality pieces tend to be made from more high-class materials such as marble or metals, while those which you may grab cheaply from a chain home store may not stand the test of time, therefore in the long run, might not save you any money.

Spend time exploring charity shops as a way to discover occasional gems and classic design at low lost. Think framed mirrors, print rugs and graceful light fittings. For those smaller touches, think candles, delicate photo frames and contemporary ornaments. Avoid too many objects on too many surfaces as this is what can make a home appear messy. Train your children to keep their toys in boxes or drawers, if you can!

Deprived bank, rich colours

It’s time to crush the illusion that class is all about flashing the cash – you could have all the money in the world but not have an inch of the stuff! Class can also manifest itself in colour, an aspect of décor which doesn’t discriminate against those feeling financially challenged!


Rich colours are those in a darker hue – go for deep purples, emerald greens, trendy teals and a pop of mustard yellow if you’re feeling brave. If you’re wanting a lighter and brighter space, white is always sophisticated, so long as you’re sure it can be well-maintained in its crisp condition. We’ve all had incidents with kids and muddy hands…


Class before you pass

First impressions count, and visitors will make their first judgement of your home before they even pass through the front door. This means you’re going to need to make sure your front porch or garden is in tip-top style. It’s no unknown fact that garden maintenance takes a lot more than your interior; although the weather is only slightly less predictable than your toddler going to town with a crayon on a white wall! Classy entrances won’t be home to dead flower heads, overgrown shrubbery or out-of-shape topiary, but all these things do take time and money to maintain. Forget getting your hands dirty or paying a for a gardener, avoid any type of plant or bush with a reputation of becoming easily out of hand or consider artificial topiary or flowers.

Creating a positive first impression can be as easy and basic as making sure you set time aside for a quick mow of the lawn every now and then. A quick lick of paint to your front door in one of our favourite elegant shades can also go a long way to make your desired statement if you’re lacking a garden. Welcome with rich red or sophisticated navy.


Creativity is key

Who’s to say your wallet has to be involved in the creation of your graceful new abode? Think outside the box. What key colours, materials and styles are associated with elegance? Get your DIY on and create it yourself! Turn an old desk into a classy dresser by giving it a few coats of white or grey paint, and even painting the handles or creating designs with gold spray paint if you’re feeling particularly artistic or Art Deco!


Headboards can often be a defining feature of elegance in the bedroom, but attractive ones can come with a hefty price tag – a bit much considering they’re more often about style than comfort. Why not be innovative and paint the silhouette of one – pick your own style, colour and save your pennies. You’ll not only be mastering elegance but also impressive contemporary design!


If you want to feel as though your home is bigger, think mirrors. Place them opposite stairwells or as your statement piece in your living room and start to enjoy the feel of a more spacious home.


The important thing to remember is that less is more, so turning your home into a plush paradise in not a case of spending more money, but a case of repurposing or ordering what you already have, getting down to minimal DIY or investing in few statement pieces. With just a few small touches your home will look rich and refreshed for the new year ahead!

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