Make your own fun

Make Your Own Fun: Over 140 Boredom-Busting Games and Activities for Children! [Book] by Josie Curran is the perfect book for the summer and beyond filled with amazing games and activities to do at no cost. This treasure trove of games and activities is a wonderful reminder of a time before television, when children made their own entertainment.

In the 70s when television was not yet so developed and popular we played so many more games and we often made our own games. By reading this compendium of games and ideas made me remember with nostalgic feelings at my childhood. The 70s were creative years and we never had entertainers at our birthday parties. Back then we could entertain ourselves with potato race, egg and spoon race, musical chairs, musical statues, piñata.

Over the years I have seen kids’ parties where entertainers were hired to play these Games. Maybe the tough economic climate will get us to rethink of party entertainment, I would recommend to buy this book before hiring an entertainer. You will be surprised how much you can do yourself. Have fun and let us know if you manage to find some other interesting games that are not mentioned in the book.

As well as many childhood favourites, such as SQUEAK PIGGY SQUEAK, WINK MURDER and SLEEPING LIONS, inside this book you’ll also discover tons of exciting new ways to entertain children, including CHEESY PUFF SCULPTURES, BEACH MONSTERS and TRUSSED-UP TURKEYS. You’ll also find a host of creative make-and-do ideas, such as EGG-CARTON MONSTERS and COBWEB PICTURES, and, of course, inspiration for how to throw the best children’s party ever!

It’s a rescue manual filled with lots of tips to entertain one child or ten, indoors or outdoors, at a party, on holiday or on a quiet day at home.

Published by Pan Macmillan (2012) – Paperback – 256 pages – ISBN 0330544683

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