Make your own Bratz doll outfit with white butterfly wings and dress

Saturday morning I was playing around with one of my little girl’s Bratz Dolls. I had read Monica’s write-up about Tanith Carey’s book “Where has my little girl gone?” And I felt a sense of relief that a Mother had published such a powerful message to give hope for change for our little girls future. The Bratz doll was mentioned and I felt it was time to change this doll into a Butterfly.

I grabbed my old black top and started to cut it up to create the dress (butterfly body.) Then I went through my many masks I had created to save my little girls Butterfly Meadow and found the white butterfly doll mask. I put the mask on the doll and thought about making the wings. My little girl asked what I was doing and wanted to create her own little creation. She chose the Holly Blue Butterfly and this one has been a great success with London Mums.

So I thought I would show my little butterfly costume too. Not as amazing as my little girls as she took the dolls shoes off and made a butterfly dress body with no feet. She is so fast at making things. Her butterfly body costume took all of five minutes, where as mine took half and hour. I don’t think the wings took her that long either. I wonder do you think I could sell Butterfly Doll Patters for Bratz dolls and Barbies?


We love butterflies.  When I wrote my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby I could not find any butterflies to photograph apart from the cabbage white, which sadly got trapped in the spider’s web. 

Since then I have managed to photograph some beautiful butterflies, some of which came from the school Butterfly Meadow and that is why I wrote to actor Michael Sheen in the hope he would support us somehow. He kindly wrote a letter and I managed to get this in the paper. For now our meadow is safe thanks to every ones help and support.

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