How to make a puffle toy with feathers

Whether it’s half term or after school downtime mums always need to keep kids entertained. I don’t know about you, but I loved making things when I was a kid. And my little girl is just the same. Arts and crafts are so good for children it helps them relax and enjoy childhood the way they should. Very important if your child like mine struggles at school and gets a little stressed out at times.

She hates reading out in front of the class and I really wish they would stop this as it does not build a child’s confidence when most kids can read perfectly. All kids are different and my little girl is an artist so I do all I can to make her feel special by promoting her work on line. How is your child coping with school? Drop us a comment.

Time to relax sweetie and make something fun!

Happy crafting everyone. And if you enjoy any of my blogs please leave me a comment and I will respond soon.





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