Loom Band Mania

If you have schools’ children, you have probably noticed a certain buzz in the school playground and lots of small and colourful elastic bands on the floor. Loom Bands have now taken over playtime and both boys and girls have become very creative and have even abandoned cards’ or figurines’ exchanging games to make new bracelets for themselves and their friends. Loom Band Mania has officially begun!

Loom Band Mania collage

This is all the kit you need to make your bracelets. It seems complicated, but kids learn fairly quickly and teach other how to do it.

WARNING! It is quite difficult for parents to make these bracelets as little fingers are required. Also it is recommended NOT to wear them when going to sleep.

summer fun gifts Loom twister compilation

The recent news that a dress made entirely from loom bands has been sold for more than £170,000 has shocked me a bit but it gives us how the phoenomenon has grown out of proportion.
42 year old Welsh mum Helen Smith put the dress modelled by her 12-year-old daughter Sian on eBay where it attracted more than 100 bids from all over the world. The starting bid was only £50 which barely covered the costs of the material (let alone the work).

loom band dress sold for 170000£ on ebay

There’s now even a book about Loom Bands full of ideas to create lots of new and unusual bracelets. It’s called Loom Band It!: 60 Rubber Band Projects for the Budding Loomineer

My favourite Loom creation is a strawberry made with loom bands. Really cute. It requires lots of patience and skills and that’s why I think it’s a great activity for kids.

loom band it book High Res

For additional design ideas and ‘how to’ videos visit the Loom Twisters website.

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