Little scientist experiments: Make your own mini volcano

Take a look at this video where our little scientist six year old Diego attempts to make his very first volcano inspired by the history how Mount Vesuvius destroyed the Italian city of Pompeii.

Materials little scientist used:

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda (the latter seems to produce a better eruption)

Vinager which you can colour using red food colouring for a more realistic effect

Paper mache to make the mountain

Sand (optional) to be sprayed and to make the mountain more realistic


1. Make your mountain with lots of paper mache. Paint it.

2. Add bicarbonate of soda to warm water (2 tablespoons).

3. Now you are ready to witness the eruption: add the vinegar to the mix and stand back. Watch the volcano erupt. It looks quite real!

Key Science Concept behind the experiment of the volcanic eruption:

Acids and bases react to make bubbles of foam called carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a gas. It is the same compound used as bubbles in soft drinks,. Try and shake a can of coke and you will see how it will ‘erupt’ in your hand similarly to the volcano eruption.

Six is early to not too early to learn the basics of chemistry in a fun way! Share with us your little scientists’ experiments (in the space below).

There are brilliant ready-made kits that will get you started in your little scientists’ experiments within seconds. We have tried the Primary Science Lab kit available from the Science Museum’s shop in London or and Seedling’s kit.

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