Little Scientist experiments: discovering nature with GeoSafari Utility vehicle

Summer is the ideal time of the year to get little scientists outdoor discovering nature and learning all about the world around them. Say no to screen time and yes to outdoor fun.

Our little scientist Diego has been exploring what’s hidden in the grass and reported back in this cute video.

Diego shows how kids can turn an ordinary drive into an action-packed excursion with the GeoSafari® Jr Science Utility Vehicle™.

The 3x magnifier provides a closer view of tough terrain, such as grass, dirt, or carpet, as children (as young as 3) maneuver through an exciting, discovery-filled journey. Exploration also works in the dark by switching on the red LED light to preserve night vision. It’s fun getting a up-close look at nighttime critters outdoors or a better view while navigating in a dark room at home.

Little scientist experiments Geosafari Utility vehicle

In this video little scientist uses a meteorite rock as the sample for his experiment but children are encouraged to go out and pick up also pieces of grass or flowers that would look great when magnified.

The benefits of discovering nature outdoor are well known and the Summer is perfect for adventures and learning.

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