Little Banker teaches kids how to use money with numeracy games

Children love buying things and seem to understand the concept of purchasing in exchange for money already at nursery school from 3+. But after they turn 6 they really start learning difficult numeracy and are handed real money to spend by their parents as weekly allowances for good behaviour. This is when understanding the value of money becomes essential. Little Banker Coin Matching Game by Learning Resources is a great game to learn how to recognise coins for children between 6 and 12.

Numeracy games with Little Banker money maths diego

This money bank game includes 70 realistic play money (coins only), which is perfect for an early introduction to money maths.

Numeracy games with Little Banker money maths box

In this video Little Banker Diego explains how to play two simple games to help children learn money recognition and numeracy at the same time.

Both games are short and simple enough to keep children engaged. One of the games is particularly good to promote reading written monetary values.

Money games are super fun and help children to understand the value of UK coins, how to count money and work out change. They also develop problem solving skills so they are highly educational.

The Little Banker box includes 1 spinner, 70 coins and 50 double-sided game cards.

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