Last minute World Book Day outfit ideas – How to make a Where’s Wally costume with book panels

I can see you all at home, yummy mummies, desperately trying to get a costume prepared for the World Book Day parade at school and maybe win a prize for your little ones. And here I am sharing my latest creation with you, another award winning costume. For the past seven years when my son was in primary school I spent lots of hours creating costumes for World Book Day. For Diego’s final year we made a Where’s Wally costume with book panels to represent the pages where Wally is supposed to be hidden, everything made out of recycled cardboards and scraps of magazines with faces from celebrities or just articles. 

Here is how we made it.

This is Diego at the year 6 parade. He impressed his teacher with it! 

He spent a few hours cutting the faces from free magazines and newspapers (Metro, Evening Standard, Stylist are all perfect). Then he cut holes for this hands. 

We happened to have a walking stick and a Where’s Wally costume from a previous party and parade which we wanted to recycle. 

It is as simple as that. 


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