Dress your Bratz and Monster High dolls: make a Lagoona Blue Monster High doll mask fishtail

This weekend I came up with a design for the Lagoona Blue doll from Monster High.

First I created a fishtail mask. Hand painted etc.

Then I went on to make the sea skirt with hand painted fish bone + seaweed and fish bone top.

The hand painted fish wings give it that extra special effect.

As these costumes are very time-consuming I am just starting with selling the masks on Ebay to see what sort of prices I can get and if it is worth selling costumes too. I shall list this one this weekend with a few Butterfly dolls Masks. These masks fit the Bratz dolls as well.

Well my little one is home from school and asking Mummy to go and check on the tadpoles in the garden. Her Lagoona Blue doll came with a frog and I have to say we are quite good at growing frogs in our garden.

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