Indoor Activities with children – How to Make a Pinhole Camera

We all hope for the weather to be bright all summer-long but those inevitable rainy days are never far away, proving tricky when entertaining the kids. Well don’t fret, The Royal Institution’s L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre have just the thing to keep those little hands busy and give them hours of fun, making their very own pinhole camera!

Pinhole Camera

Not only is the pinhole camera extremely fun, it’s also a great educational activity that introduces children and young people to the science of optics and how light can be manipulated to make images, as well as a great way to help instil a deeper understanding of the roots of digital technology that is so prevalent in our lives.
With just a few household materials; black card, a drinks can, photographic paper and a needle and some simple ingredients including mint, lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vitamin C tablets you can take and develop amazing photos and see your retro pictures develop in front of you.

For downloadable instructions and a full list of ingredients search pinhole on the Royal Institution website and click through to teaching resources.
Dedicated to connecting people to the world of science and technology, the Royal Institution’s (RI) L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre (LYSC), was established to encourage children to take part in hands-on experiments in a state-of-the-art professional laboratory and spark a lifelong passion for science.

Watch the how-to video here:

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