Important home arrangements to make if you are planning for travel

Travel is essential for the mind, body and soul particularly now that we have been in isolation for such a long time. Nevertheless, travel also comes with many responsibilities, and a big one is protecting your home and belongings while you are away. Whether it is a two-week trip, a month or a much longer travel plan, there are plenty of arrangements you will need to make back home to ensure for a happy trip with nothing to worry about.

Below is an important checklist filled with key points to remember before you jet off on your next adventure.

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Will your property be empty for a long period?

The importance of this point depends on how long you are going to be travelling for. If you live alone and are travelling, or if your entire household is travelling, then your property is going to be empty.

If you are planning a short trip or the average of a week or two, then basic security and cleanliness is all you need to think about. Make sure your home is cleaned and tidied before you leave, and make sure all your security systems are in place, such as an alarm, securely locked windows and a dependable door. You may even want a friend or family member to drive by and check up on the place while you are away or even give them a spare key.

If you are travelling for a much longer duration, you will need to think about this in a bigger way. Empty properties can easily run into problems like damp if empty for a significant period of time and the heating has not been used, or the property has not been aired. You may therefore want to think about a lodger who can make use of the property while you are away or arrange for services which can maintain your home and keep it cared for.

Do you need to make pet arrangements?

If you have a pet, will you be taking them on your travels with you or leaving them behind? If the latter, the appropriate arrangements naturally need to be made, and in the best way for your pet. Can a friend or family member take care of your pet comfortably for you while you are away? Or is a kennel, cattery or other pet care service the best option?

If you are planning to take your pet with you, you need to be sure of the right travel arrangements for your pet, such as booking pet-friendly accommodation only or thinking about alternatives like your own camper-van or vehicle that you can use for your pet while you are on the move.

Do you have any houseplants?

Nobody wants to return from a long trip to find their houseplants have withered and died! Houseplants can be a big responsibility if you have ones which need a lot of love and attention, and this is where travel can become difficult.

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You might need to arrange for someone to come and water or feed your plants when needed whilst you are away, or you may want to consider moving them to a friend or family member’s house while you are gone for them to be properly cared for.

Another alternative, if you do not want a bigger responsibility, is only investing in those hardy and almost-unkillable houseplants that can survive being left alone. Shopping online for the best house plants which need little attention can make it easier to find ones suitable for your lifestyle. Some plants can survive weeks without watering, so these are ideal to be left at home for a trip without having to worry about them.

Do you have a garden?

If you have a garden (and particularly, a lawn and shrubbery) this can be problematic if you are taking a long-term trip. Your garden can quickly become overgrown, and this can draw unwanted attention if it is a front garden or in full view of other public spaces.

Not only does an overgrown garden look messy and become an eyesore, but it also attracts attention to the fact that nobody is home. This can make your property look empty and neglected.

If you do have a garden, lawn and shrubbery to stay on top of, it is a good idea to find a gardener while you are away to attend to it. This could be a professional service or you might know someone who would not mind popping over to mow your lawn and trim back the hedges whenever you need.

Make sure these arrangements are made in good time so you can relax and look forward to your trip.

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