Ideas for World Book Day costumes inspired by Comic books

Over 30,000 comic fans emerged out of the shadows for The London Super Comic Convention, which took place last weekend over two days at the ExCel Centre. Attending this colourful event recently inspired me to create World Book Day costumes based on characters from Comic books. Here are my photos from the event that will hopefully provide some well needed inspiration. This year World Book Day is on 5th March and schools will celebrate it during the week leading up to the day.

 comic con costumes group 2comic con costumes group 1


Captain One Kenobi & Iron Trooper at London Super Comic Convention 2016 c

I am posing with my fave costumes at London Super Comic Convention 2016: the mixes, i.e. Captain One Kenobi (Captain America + Obi One Kenobi) & Iron Trooper (Iron Man + Stormtrooper)

Captain One Kenobi & Iron Trooper at London Super Comic Convention 2016 bCaptain One Kenobi & Iron Trooper at London Super Comic Convention 2016

Mixing the traditional super heroes costumes is brave but very original. The Captain One Kenobi (Captain America + Obi One Kenobi) & Iron Trooper (Iron Man + Stormtrooper) were the quirkiest of all. They could even become characters of their own comic stories.

avengers costumes

The Avengers are now popular costumes at World School Day school parades

Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Poison Ivy, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more were among the most popular costumes worn by Comic fans.

flash gordon comic con

The classic super hero figure Flash Gordon made his appearance too!

There were a lot of Batman costumes including a Lego Batman outfit made out of cardboard which was very professionally created. It deserved the first price.

batman made out of boxes costume comic con

Poison Ivy comic figure collage

Disney movie Inside Out also inspired some costumes and I expect school parades to reflect the huge success of this animation.

inside out costumes disney comic con

The films based on the book How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell have inspired a lady to create her own portable dragon. Brilliant costume that our young child reporter Giulia enjoyed trying too.

how to train a dragon costume comic con girl with how to train a dragon

Scary monsters are always very popular among children who are often less scared than parents. Boys are particularly fond of monsters. These costumes were amazing.

comic con costumes 1 scary monsters costumes comic con

Diva Plavalaguna at London Super Comic Convention 2016 IMG_4069

Diva Plavalaguna at London Super Comic Convention 2016


According to, which in a week alone sold over 100,000 fancy dress costumes, costumes that fall under the ‘TV, Books & Film’ category have proved the most popular with Harry Potter leading the pack.  More than 9,000 Harry Potter books were sold in the past three months which comes as no surprise as sales of Harry Potter robes have risen by 1180%. Harry Potter best conjures the nation’s imagination, with all seven books from the series featuring in the top 10, with one book from the franchise being sold every 15 minutes.  Other popular books include, The Hobbit, The Alchemist, and The Lord of the Rings.

baby credit Venture Photography Fergus (20 weeks) recreates Harry Potter

Image by Venture Photography – Baby Fergus (20 weeks) recreates Harry Potter

There has been an explosion in the popularity of comics in recent times too. This year some of the biggest box office hits will be comic related – Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad are just some of the titles set for release in 2016. Earlier this month, Star Wars: The Force Awakens grossed over $2 billion worldwide at the Box Office. Next year will see the hotly anticipated release of Wonder Woman into cinemas worldwide.

monica & star wars figures comic con

Star Wars Costumes were very popular indeed at Comic Con

Even Minecraft costumes made an appearance at Comic Con – But Minecraft is more a video game than a proper book. But I suppose anything counts when we are asked to be part of a masquerade or parade.
minecraft costume comic con

Comic popularity is set to continue to rise to infinity and beyond!

Following the momentum of the comic convention, I will write a post in due course on how to draw Spider-Man and other Comic Classic figures in simple steps. Here is a taster of one of my first superheroes drawings which I managed to do in less than two hours. If i can do it, everybody can. Watch this space!

monica spiderman drawing comic superhero IMG_2608

Spiderman family comic con

Monica and Superheroes

Cosing up with the superheroes!

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