How to transform your kids’ bedroom on a budget

This blog post looks into ideas on how to transform your kids’ bedroom on a budget.  Every now and then, you may feel motivated to give your child’s room a makeover, but what if you haven’t got the budget you’d like? Re-decorating isn’t often gentle on the bank account, especially when lots of new furniture is involved. Fortunately, there are things you can do to transform your child’s bedroom without splashing too much cash. Take a look at these tips to help get your little one’s room looking good as new on a budget. 

Try out some DIY

DIY is one of the easiest ways to improve an indoor space, costing little to nothing and letting you have plenty of fun in the process! Think about everyday household items that can be upcycled and used as elements of your child’s room. For example, try making a shelf out of an old skateboard mounted to the wall, painting old buckets to use as toy boxes, or creating bunting from the pages of an old children’s book.


Create a reading den

Having a reading den in your child’s room provides a great space for your little one to relax and unwind whilst they learn and feed their imagination. Reading areas can easily be made with the help of a comfy bean bag chair, a small bookshelf and a quiet corner. Or for an easy way to create a reading den without taking up space, invest in a cheap mid sleeper bed with a tent attached for a super cosy hideout!


Decorate the walls

Instead of spending a fortune on expensive wallpaper, look into more affordable ways you can decorate your child’s walls. Wall stickers are a great option, and are available in lots of different styles so you can choose a theme or style that reflects your child’s interests. To decorate the walls in a more personal way, why not cover them in your child’s artwork? Create a gallery wall made up of their favourite drawings and paintings, leaving space for future artwork to encourage creativity.


Add some colour

If you can’t afford to spend money on large tubs of paint to re-decorate, visit your local DIY store and get some small paint samples. A lot of shops will offer these free of charge which gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment. With this you can get creative by painting small parts of bedroom furniture, such as adding colour to the legs of a chair or handles on a chest of drawers. You’d be surprised how much small pops of colour can transform a room, without costing you a penny! Other accessories like colourful cushions and blankets are another easy way to liven up a room, and can be found at affordable prices from plenty of high street stores.


Do you have any ideas of other ways you can decorate your child’s room on a budget? We’d love to hear them! Let us know your tips in the comments.



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